Our answers to your most common questions

There are always a number of specific questions that potential clients ask us before we can go ahead with any building work, whether it be an extension, porch, or roofing.

We've grouped together the most common questions that are normally asked before we're able to commence any building or roofing project.

We hope that these answer the majority of your questions.

Questions About Extensions

What Type Of Extensions Do We Offer?

At the moment we are concentrating on garage, side and rear extensions, as well as porch entrances.

Will I need Planning Permission for An Extension?

Although there have been requirements to gain planning permission for rear and side extensions in the past, these have been relaxed from 2008 so that there are straightforward simple guidelines that we adhere to.

You can watch the animated guide that the government has put together for those thinking about adding rooms or space to their homes:


Does planning permission have to be granted for Porches?

You will only have to apply for planning permission for a porch extension if:

  • If the porch ground area exceeds 3 square metres
  • If the porch is going to be higher than 3 metres
  • If the porch would be less than 2 metres away from a public boundary

For more information please visit the Planning Portal.

Are Building Regulators Used To Pass Building Work?

Yes, all of our extensions are designed to pass building control and we do not sign off any work until a building inspector has undertaken a thorough inspection of the building work and passes all requirements.

For more information, please contact us.

Are You Able To Build Without Designs?

A number of our extensions are conducted with some basic drawings, however, some clients have already contacted their architect and they have detailed drawings with structural loads accounted for.

We have an architect that we can use to create detailed drawings if need be.

For more information, please contact us.

Do Dawsons Builders Do Loft Extensions?

Although we have completed numerous loft extensions in the past, we current want to concentrate our work on garage, rear and side extensions. Contact Us for more questions.

Questions About Roofing

What Is The Main Cause Of Damage To A Roof?

We find that both felt and slate roofs have a general shelf life of anywhere between 15 and 25 years. There might have been storm damage, or a hot summer might have cracked some of the gulleys and created a small crack that allows the water to enter.

You would be surprised how the elements are able to gradually breakdown rooftops.

For more information, please contact us

Will Scaffolding Need To Be Erected?

It depends on the type of job that we've been called into to look at. For an entire roof renovation or a new felt roof that has to be fitted then certainly we will need to have scaffolding erected around the dwelling.

For most inspections, we are able to simply use a ladder.

Can A Simple Roof Repair Lead To A Roof Renovation?

We've been called to examine a damaged roof several times, only to find that the problem is the 'tip of the iceberg' so to speak and that the underlying issue is a far greater problem that requires a lot more work.

For this, we explain to the client that there is a lot more work that is required to solve the leaking roof.

How Long Will A New Felted Roof Last?

Our high-performance roofs will generally last 15 years. We offer a 10-year guarantee, while the manufacturer guarantee is 30 years +.

How Long Will A Slate Roof Renovation Take?

From the erection of scaffolding, through to the removal of an existing roof, to a new roof and slate tiles being added we generally find that this takes around 6-8 weeks.

As for guarantees, new slate roofs will generally last between 50-70 years, if they've been installed correctly. We offer a 10-year roofing guarantee on all our slate roof installations

Questions About Bathrooms

Do You Have Your Own Plumbing Engineer For Bathroom Works?

We have main plumbing contractors who we would consult and work with during the building phase of a new bathroom.

Is Planning Required For Different Bathrooms?

No, there is no need to gain planning permission for any internal design alternations that a homeowner wishes to undertake.

Will I Need A Different Boiler For A End Power Shower?

This solely depends on the flow rate of the shower design that you have chosen. Most combination boilers will be able to supply you with sufficient flow rate, but they are dependant upon the flow pressure of water into the dwelling from the mains. There have been occasions that require the main water pipe to be increased to 22mm, from 15mm to increase the water flow.

If that isn't powerful enough for your specific shower requirements, then we would suggest looking to include a pressure pump or hot water storage facility within your home.

For more information, please contact us.

What Is The Finish On Your A New Bathroom?

Most of the clients who choose to have our team do a new bathroom fitting, ask to have a complete finish, which includes painting and tiling of the bathroom. 

Some, however, prefer to do their own painting and have a particular tiler to finish the work.

Do We Have To Supply All Sanitary Wear?

We advise our clients that, "this is your bathroom design, so it would be fitting that you choose the tile and painting finish, as well as the sanitary wear".

If you're unable to decide on the finish (although very unlikely), we shall be able to advise you given your budget for a new bathroom.

Questions About Kitchens

Is Planning Permission Required For A New Kitchen?

The answer here is both yes and no and it depends on what you're planning to have done.

If you are simply changing the internal layout of the kitchen and are not adding any additional room to your home then, no.

If you're adding a new conservatory, or orangery then you may not need planning permission, if the dimensions of the additional living space fall within the stated guidelines (found here). You are likely to need building regulations for specific designs.

If, however, you plan on building a large extension then it is likely that you will need planning permission and building regulations to allow the building to be passed.

For more information please contact us.

Do We Design Kitchens

At the moment, we do not actually design the kitchen but work with the kitchen design that has been provided by the homeowner.

We are involved mainly with fitting a new kitchen and the building work that comes with the new kitchen.

Will I Need Steel Added To The House?

This largely depends on the design that you want to incorporate in your new kitchen.

You will need to use RSJs if you plan on opening up a kitchen and dining room, below a supporting wall.

Likewise, you will need to add additional steel to your home if you plan on increasing the glass area of the external supporting walls.

For more information contact us.

If You Have Further Questions, Please Contact Us

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