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A lot of felt roofing gets negative reviews from homeowners that have used felt roofs as the primary roof application on their flat roofs over the past 50 years. It is not surprising that this was the case, given the fact that the old rolls of bitumen felt were exceptionally thin and glued together with hot bitumen between each layer. This old variant of felt or tar paper would eventually crack with age or UV damage from the sun and homeowners would likely only see a maximum of about 10 years from such roofs.

Technology has since moved on and we too at Dawsons Builders now use far more durable felt roofing, which is far more resistant to UV damage and rarely cracks. Modern felt roofs arrive in rolls and are laid with the aid of a large blow torch which heats the rear of felt, melting and moulding it onto the roof structure below. We use a 3 layer system, that usually consists of a perforated underlay, a 2mm underlay then modern day felt which is around 4-5mm thick.

The think top layer can then be coloured finish, which allows for various colours, as well as a silver solar reflective UV finish. with this type of finish, you would expect the roof to last longer than 20+ years and we now can guarantee longer felt roofs.

Felted Roof
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Mastic Asphalt Roofing

Mastic Asphalt roofing has been used a number of years and if you know your films, you will remember that scene in the Shawshank Redemption where the prisoners are felting a roof - that was traditional Asphalt roofing in the 1930s. Technology in polymers has moved on somewhat since then!

Our modern mastic asphalt contains modern polymer formulations that increase the durability of the roof by a number of years. Mastic Asphalt roofing is now used for a number of purposes, such as tanking, damp proofing, flooring, paving and in our case modern day roofing.

Asphalt can be laid on most rigid structures, which are able to take the weight of asphalt, for instance, concrete, metal and timber frames. It can be worked around a number of different shapes, such as slopes, curves and roof lights.

Mastic Asphalt is heated to a high temperature in an asphalt boiler and then laid directly onto the roof, trowelled into shape. When the Asphalt cools, it forms a very hard and durable roof. We've been working in the industry for over 40 years have some of the roofs we originally laid in the 1970s are still standing today!


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Comparisons Between A Felt And An Asphalt Roof

Felt Roofs

  • Cost: This is by far the lowest cost of all flat roof options available on the market today.
  • Suitability: Felt can be laid on any roof size and be detailed without any issue. the bitumen technologies allow for favourable contraction and expansion. Not ideally suited for heavy footfall areas.
  • Damage Resistance: Susceptible in hot weather to be damaged, or when non-ideal (high-heels) foot traffic walks across the mineral surface.
  • Repairability: Easy to repair, with the application of a small patch that is applied by a torch. However, several patches may make your roof appear to be a patchwork roof! If you have plain felt or solar finish, this will be the easiest to repair.
  • Appearance: If you see your roof from an internal window you will find that a felt roof will appear more pleasing to the eye when compared to a plain rubber roof. There are various colours that can be used, such as, grey, green, purple and brown.
  • Installation Process: We come with full insurance for any installation of felt roofing and working with hot flames.

Asphalt Roofs

  • Cost: Approximately 20-30% more expensive than a felt roof.
  • Suitability: Asphalt can be laid on most building structures, of all sizes. It is extremely tough but will prove to be problematic if this is applied to a highly sloping roof or one with insufficient support. It can be installed without the use of a hot flame.
  • Repairability: This is relatively easy and cheap to repair if it becomes damaged with liquid, torch on felt or a new layer can be installed over the top of the existing roof if it is that damaged.
  • Damage Resistance: This is an extremely durable roof option, it sets hard as pavement and will withstand all footfall and weathering.
  • Appearance: It provides a clean finish in grey that is fine to look at, but may not suit those seeking a different colour roof.
  • Installation Issues: Asphalt is heavy material and it must be applied to a solid structure, so any roof that it is applied to needs to be made to take the weight without movement or cracking. Also, there must not be any rising moisture underneath the roof, otherwise the asphalt may suffer from Goose Eggs (slow rising bubbles).

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Maintaining chimneys, through re-pointing and rendering
Repair existing gutters, soffits and fascias when needed, if not, then a complete new install will be recommended.
Any missing pointing to the hip tiles and ridges can be replaced
Damaged lead roofing and concrete flashing can be replaced/repaired
Repair or replace any damaged felt roofing
Repairing damaged roof valleys, or install new ones.
Finding and fixing any leaks, cracks and missing tiles

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